Supergirl 2 SuperWoman is a book by the award winning mentor, Sheun Oke. The book comprises 11 chapters with a total of 113 pages. The idea behind this piece, is fuelled the author’s passion to have women occupy more leadership positions. Clearly, her being a part of the John Maxwell team makes her hunger for leadership duly expected. However, her focus on the ‘women-folks’, gives it a completely different perspective from the leadership books we are used to. It essentially revolves around all it takes for a lady or girl or woman to be “SUPER”. Cliché? Well…

Given that women may be quite sensitive amongst other inherent qualities, she encourages that they use these to their own advantage rather than trying so hard to be men. That is, adding the feminine touch to leadership. With pages assigned to dressing right and speaking right, the mother of three, breaks down the rudiments of leadership into ‘chewable pieces’.

Using herself as a prime example, Sheun Oke explained concepts of “employee-preneurship”, entrepreneurship, passion for purpose, amongst others. Two concepts I found particularly interesting were:

  • Self leadership: As seen in the book, Brett Steenbarger, a contributor for explains this thus:

“Now just think of your life as a diversified organization. You are in the business of living. Your business consists of a career and managing the associated workloads, opportunities, and challenges. Your business also consists of managing a home and its maintenance…

When you think about it, you are the CEO of a rather diversifies enterprise”

Self-leadership is just that-leading, motivating and influencing yourself to attain desired goals.

  • Vision Board: Just as we think in pictures, a vision board helps you set goals and make affirmations with the aid of pictures and diagrams. The only difference being that you can see it daily.

You simply go through magazines, cut out images or words that you love or grabs your attention and cut them out. Probably things you desire. Glue them onto a board, and place a nice picture of you right at the centre.  So you could have a picture of your dream car, house, and all you desire on the board. That way, you wake up to see the picture of your future till you attain it or change it.

SuperGirl 2 SuperWoman has just about everything it takes for a female to succeed. Entrepreneurship, balancing family and career, being elegant, setting goals, makeup artistry, walking in heels, how to eat your fish! Everything! While this is grand, it could make you lose focus from the central topic, that is, female leadership.

However, it is a piece worth reading and one to be passed to the next generation of female leaders. I recommend it for men or women who would love to raise future female leaders and for those who also want to be super themselves.


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LW’s Comment

I was awarded with an autographed copy of this book so it has somewhat of a sentimental value to me. Reading the book, I found it quite enlightening and much less boring than I expected. The author’s tone was that of a happy mentor and that brought about a unique sense of serenity, like I have known her for ages.However because of the multiple doses of information in this book, I would say it should serve more as a manual or guide than a one-time read.


About the author

Sheun Oke is a self-leadership and confidence expert. She is the CEO of Loquats consulting and founder of ‘walk-like-a-princess’- an organization with the mission to raise the female economy of nations through training.

She has a first degree in Agricultural Economics, an MBA in marketing, is a PRINCE2 certified project/ risk manager, member of the institute of leadership & Management (ILM) in the UK, and certified member of the John Maxwell Team of speakers, coaches and trainers.

With over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, she has devoted her life to coaching and inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

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