So I heard about this site through a friend and was duly welcomed with an eBook on writing. Out of curiosity and being a sucker for books, I read the sparse 63-paged piece in about 20 minutes. Taking his ardent advice on frequent writing, I thought I should write a short review on it. No harm right?

“Your Right to Write”, as the title distinctly states, is a free eBook on writing. Penned down by a ‘twenty-something’ award winning millionaire writer, it basically attempts to give you the push required to start writing just about anything.

It first distills all your possible excuses against writing and turns them into thin air. Then, it offers you a sneak peek into the magic of writing…the secret of writing more or less (you would be amazed at what this is) and it dauntlessly tells you why you do not need the things you think you need to start off.

The Mastery strategies required for writers to soar are also, in surprisingly short paragraphs, broken down to bits. “Invest in writing and never lose out”, “make writing your darling”, “cultivate a diehard determination”; those and a lot more points made up the steering wheel behind the short writing journey he took us on.

You can get it here.

LW’s Comment

If you intend to make anything out of writing, I suggest that you flip through this piece. It offers a step-by-step guidance on defeating the inner naysayer in you and forging ahead on a self-discovery journey to being a writing mogul. While the book did not break down the rudiments of writing, its rules and its varying forms; it successfully provides a solid background with which you venture on a successful career in writing. Being that the author is a beneficiary of the merits of freelance writing, I would say it is totally worth reading.


About the Author


Mohammed Abdullahi Tosin is a Nigerian writer and successful blogger, who has won various national essay competitions and authored a number of high-impact books including- “Your Right To Write” and “Vertical Writing”. He holds a Discovering Young Leaders Programme (DYLP) Certificate from the Commonwealth Secretariat, Lusaka, Zambia and has written for Forbes and a number of top notch names. He is also the founder of and

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