Breaking Soul Ties is a book on the forms of bondage certain people experience and how they can set themselves free from them. Its focus was on relationships, mainly premarital, and how the wrong sexual and other related activities carried out can completely destroy individuals. In this very small and yet compact book of 54 pages, the author divulged so much information on what it means to be emotionally bound to a partner or an ex,  not being able to let go, and how much negativity and problems can arise from it.

The author starts off the book, using illustrations to help the readers know what a soul tie is and how binding it can be. Being that humans are emotional creatures, emotions have the power to control our entire lives. Soul ties are attachments that bind people together, making it hard to let go. He believes that even though soul ties can be developed through other means, they usually form when people have sex. This is why individuals stay put even when they are in abusive relationships, both physical and mental, get taken for granted, and endure immense pain rather than just walk away. The idea is that the implication of attachments of these sorts are usually negative.

The reason walking away is always so hard is because a soul tie is very hard to destroy. It is not love, but an obsession driven by the acts committed.

“Our emotions through repeated exposure to a particular act, place, person or object can begin to form an attachment, which subconsciously begins to control the course or direction of our lives”

“what our souls are tied to may not in themselves be bad, but the tie inhibits, limits and restricts us, holding us ‘bound’ as it were to that particular person, place, act, or thing”

On the possible positives of soul ties, people can also get attached to certain good doctrines, books, and personalities that they would follow and use as things that shape their lives. In other words, soul ties are only bad when people start idolizing the things or people they are bound to rather than just picking the good from them. In cases of marriage, soul ties are great as they help bind the partners together. However, when people get abnormally bound to their pastors, exes, cars, clothes, and so on; it can be very destructive.

Inasmuch as people can develop soul ties with anything at all, Praise George emphasized that the most dangerous kind of soul ties are created by sexual intercourse. Bad soul ties can compromise one’s values, and alter your beliefs as well. Negative soul ties keep you locked in time and trapped in the past, eventually causing emotional stagnancy. It could make you a slave to a person, and force unhealthy jealousy. Also, when it is with a person, one could end up looking for the traits of the past soul tie even while trying to move on from it.

One interesting part I liked was on transference of spirits. When people have genuine intimacy, they begin to influence each other and take on the attributes of each other. The author believes that such influence is referred to as ‘transference’. At the end of the day, the weaker person or character is left to take on the attributes of the stronger. This is why if you spend your time watching horror movies, your character can start becoming horrific or filled with fear – you naturally start taking on things you are most exposed to.

The small book was packed with so much information, regarding all of these and only upon reading would you be able to grasp full knowledge on this issue. However, since the title was on breaking soul ties, my expectation was that the author would feed the readers, who by any chance happened to be trapped in a similar situation, steps to take to break these ties. The entire book was filled with examples and dangers of being in one, but it was not until the last page that we got any information on what to do about it. The author believed that the only way out of it was by praying and believing. While I am not against this advice, I would also expect that there are other active things a person can do to break off from negative attachments. Regardless, I found this book very interesting and I would recommend it for all to read and learn from, since nobody can really avoid relationships.

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Just as many of us, I used to wonder why people stayed in unhealthy and abusive relationships without being threatened. My theory, with time, was that an overdose of love and familiarity were the logical causes for its occurrence. Stupidity, of course, was always an answer that was not too farfetched. On receiving this book from the author, I did not think it would contain much of anything because of its really small size. Today, I am glad I read it because the knowledge he distilled in it, I would never have really understood otherwise. I rate this book a 3 out of 5. You can give it your own rating below.


About the Author

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Praise George is a speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. He writes, counsels, and speaks on relationships and businesses success. He is the author of several books including Date smart, Testing, mastering money, success habits, and many more.

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  1. Brilliant review.
    There are a few ways to break soul ties. One way is to distance yourself from the person, thing or place that has bound you. Distance breaks regular contact and will eventually neutralize the hold that person, thing or place has on you.
    If you ever feel you cannot leave an abusive relationship because you are ‘in love’s with your partner, that is NOT love. It is soul slavery through a soul tie. When there is noo respect, honour or dignity in a relationship, when you are treated like a slave, when you can only be seen and not heard, when your opinion means less than nothing, then it is time to exit that relationship.


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