“You are too gifted to be poor” is an all-encompassing book on self-development as well as talent development that seeks to nudge the reader into consciously aiming high in order to secure long-term wealth. With a focus on harnessing one’s gift and using it as a stepping stone to stardom, the book was written to challenge mediocrity in even the littlest form. The author was entirely of the opinion that the regular human has the ability to cause a total shift in his or her current situation by first looking inwards. In 209 pages, succinctly divided into 10 chapters and 3 parts, the information distilled by Hilton Etakoh, was more than enough to achieve its purpose.

He starts off the book with a short story that gave rise to his hunger for growth – something like a wake-up call. This served as the bedrock on which the entire book was based on. In order words, the aim of the book is to serve as a wake-up call for all readers. Since the entire book was based on the maximization of one’s gift(s), the first few chapters were on the initial discovery of inherent gifts or talents. The author explained the need for this, by viewing talents as important assets that must be put to use and not wasted. Using parables, quotes, biblical verses, and stories; there was direct emphasis on the power, usefulness, and opportunity that one stands to enjoy when raw talent is honed till it becomes a source of wealth.

Moving on, just as any good book would, what followed was a tutorial of some sort on how to discover these powerful gifts. A SWOT analysis was deployed for this purpose. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is generally a first step in discovering one’s talent. He says “People’s destinies are often connected to the things they are most passionate about”. A few other models – such as the Tony Robbins Strengths Profile Test – were used to serve as a guide for any reader who may be oblivious of his or her talents.

In a proper sequence, part 2 was titled “Mindshift: A New Perspective” and was aimed at doing just that – altering limiting mentalities. First, the author describes the usual excuses conveniently proffered by people for being poor. They include: circumstances of birth, lack of formal education, lack of capital, and seven other finely crafted reasons. With relevant illustrations, he diffused most of the reasons into nothingness. He explained that the real reasons why people were poor was a result of their failure to create value, their risk adverseness, their lack of wisdom, and so on.

Being that inherent gifts are not enough to guarantee success or wealth, Hilton Etakoh made a point to list out all the principles that are required to seal the deal. Character, Practice, and Passion were just some of these success principles. The rest of the book served as the ultimate start to forging ahead. The author encouraged that it was never too late to start, to think big, and start now.

One part I particularly liked, was where the author suggested that a new skill each year should be acquired to stay relevant and eventually amass wealth. In order words, every year you can choose to learn a new language, new instrument, financial skill, and so on. Another thing the book showed, was a direct relationship with passion and talent. The author says “So why would God give you a gift or passion for writing if you weren’t destined to be a writer or author” That can, however, be argued.

Each chapter had action points at the end of it. While the concept was great, the author only provided spaces for people to fill in their flaws or needs without an actual means by which they can move from them. The same applies to the models presented in the book. There was no marking guide per se in all but one of the segments.

All in all, the book literally embodied the quote that ‘one should not judge a book by its cover’ as its content far surpassed my initial expectations.

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On receiving this book, I honestly pictured it as another church book that emphasized the need for using your gifts to serve. However, after just a few pages in, I already caught myself nodding in approval. The book encapsulates all the required points to note as far as personal growth and development was concerned.

I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5. You can give it your own rating below.

About the Author

source: http://hiltonetakoh.com/
source: http://hiltonetakoh.com/

Hilton Etakoh is a professional speaker, Author, and Success Coach. He is the author of You Are Too Gifted to be Poor: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering and Maximizing Your Infinite Gift. He is also the Creator of The Ultimate Series, a powerful collection of over 100 highly inspirational essays and articles in personal development, leadership and success. He is the Founder/Originator of “Talentpreneurship”, a concept that means building a business around your gift/talent.


NB: The author exchanged the book with LW for an honest review.

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