Homo Superior: Emergence, is the first part of a two-part series on what the author calls “the seven pillars of destiny”. These pillars include: Capacity Building, Dynamic Communication, Superior Sexuality, Strategic Relationships, Millennial Leadership, Nation Building, and a seventh pillar that is somehow left as a mystery. Homo Superior: Emergence, however, covers the first three pillars. These pillars serve as guides to the conduct of youths and general individuals on how to be superior beings who stand out over time. The book is a medium-sized paperback with 185 pages.

The first part of the book, Capacity Building, was on conscious self-improvement. The idea was to develop yourself mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. The author gave various tips and principles on how to develop one’s capacity. The tips ranged from reading books, to ensuring proper personal hygiene, exercising, having a will to learn, understanding one’s emotional capacity so as not to be easily be manipulated, and all things geared towards stretching one’s brain beyond limits.

The second part was known as Dynamic Communication. The concept here is just about developing the right type of confidence and skillset to be able to talk your way through situations and to face any audience. He distilled practical information on increasing self-confidence and gave steps on tackling public speaking as well as gaining proficiency in general conversations. From dressing, to proper preparation, and saying positive affirmations; all things must be in sync for you to effectively learn the communication of the transcendent.

As a prequel to the part on Superior Sexuality, there was a chapter on love languages. The author identified the 5 ways humans give and receive love. They include words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time and physical touch. While I am not exactly sure what the need for this part was, closing in with ‘physical touch’, gave room for the author to commence talk on sexuality. Superior Sexuality was basically geared towards imbibing the right attitude towards matters of sex and having the right self-control.

In order to do so, rather than flee at every sight of possible ‘evil’, one needs to develop his or her immunity. This would effectively cancel or at least curb the possibilities of manipulation. A part I liked in this regard was where the author advised that individuals saw themselves as stars, so to speak. If you feel you are better than most people, you would not give second thought at others (of the opposite sex) and become unnecessarily stirred up sexually. To close it off, he had a few notes to parents on raising their children right and gave additional tips on all issues already examined.

The book contained numerous quotes from various kings, old scribes and popular speakers. There were, however, emphasis given to chronicles, sayings, and scribes of Transcendence. It also came with interesting pictures as well. The entire presentation of the book was good and I loved his preface to the book which was on the various generations of humans and their peculiarities.

There were a few unnecessary information here and there, and the author did play off track a couple of times. There were also a few cases where he made simple things, sound awfully overcomplicated. However, his message somehow still remained clear and information was still distilled. You can tell he did a good level of research on it. I recommend this one for teenagers and youths who are in the process of self-discovery.

You can get this book by contacting the author via his personal email address – waleafonja@gmail.com.



I was given this book by a friend of the author and after a few months of delay, I finally had a go at it. While flipping through the book, the idea I had of it was slightly different from what I have of it after reading it. For one, I could not really grasp the idea of transcendence and why there was such a focus on it. Also, the tone of the author was friendly and simple…until it got complicated. Hence, at the end of the day, we ended up with big titles and very basic knowledge. Notwithstanding, as long as the technicalities that surfaced here and there do not discourage the right people from reading it, it is a book worth reading.

I rate this book a 3 out of 5. You can give it your own rating below.

About the Author

Akinwaleola Afonja is a product of Covenant University, Nigeria and the founder of ArchSmith’s Place. He is passionate about youth empowerment and has spoken at various youth gatherings around the nation to this regard.

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