The Mafia Manager is one of those slightly dangerous books you can only love to love. It is packed with so many ruthless mafia secrets and business strategies, that the author completely bypassed disclosing his identity and simply went by ‘V’. Basically, ‘The Mafia Manager’ contains the management techniques used by the oldest and best- organized conglomerate. It combines the mantra of the Mafia and Cartels with the business strategies of the capitalist society in one small book of 128 pages.

‘MAFIA’ stands for honour, vengeance and solidarity. As an Acronym, V put it as ‘Mothers And Fathers Italian Association’…or whatever we choose to believe. The entire book metes out the methods of the exceptional CEO’s and Leaders of the capitalist society. The extreme measures that have to be taken to get to the top of the pyramid and the even more important measures that have to be taken to stay there.

While climbing the pyramid, you have obey the capo first – ‘when the capo gets hot, you stand there and sweat’. Speak when spoken to and behave like a subordinate to a fault. Office politicking should be carried out discretely and by reinforcing as much alliances as you can. Understand that the business of the Mafia is business and if you offend the wrong person; well – put nicely – it could cost you your life. So make no mistakes.

‘V’ explained strategies that would keep you on the top as the mafia manager. Notes on handling problems, managing time, managing friends, managing enemies, hiring, firing, using your secretaries and accountants, being a true leader, managing conflicts, managing competition and every other little detail.

The segment that spoke about understanding types broke them into four:

  • The Dumb and lazy (that is not ambitious)
  • Smart and lazy
  • Dumb and ambitious (usually the empty-loud barrels)
  • Smart and ambitious

The faster you can spot them out and classify them into these, the sooner you have them under your control.

In the segment tagged ‘The True Nature of Business’, V explained the business of the Mafia- popularly known as ‘This thing of ours’.

We coincide with the legit world of business in just about every other important way as well. That is, not to put too fine a point on it, we’re an organization of thieves. Like the legit world’s, our chief objective is to eliminate competition, to crush it. If that doesn’t prove possible, we will, like execs in the legit world, agree with rivals to divide the market into separate territorial monopolies.”

You would note, as you read The Mafia Manager, that these are the same laws and strategies used by the corporate billionaires of all time. He made mention of the various appellations – the Syndicate, the Mob, La Cosa Nostra and the others – that oversee organized crime for the largest cartels. Not forgetting the ultimate bosses like Machiavelli, Al Capone, Johnny “The Fox” Torrio etc. Beyond them, we can see figureheads like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and so on, using these principles.

Of the numerous Axioms he gave, I would leave you with a few of my favorites:

  • Opportunity makes the thief; the thief who has no opportunity to steal considers himself an honest man
  • If you must hurt a man, do it so brutally you need not fear his revenge
  • All who snore and not sleeping
  • Open your mouth and your wallet cautiously
  • Don’t use both feet to test the depth of the river
  • The fish is killed by its open mouth
  • The eagle doesn’t hunt flies
  • When an arrow leaves the bow, it never returns
  • Sentiment is for suckers
  • Calm waters may conceal sharks

My only problem with this book is on the chapter on domestic arrangements- for obvious reasons. The early system of ‘godfatherism’ presented a certain use for women and that was the same belief carried on in the book.

A spouse should never be assertive, should never be angry with you. The spouse should be the home and children, nothing more.”

The lack of emphasis in explaining the gender of the term ‘spouse’ and the context it was used, shows that the spouse is female. In essence, the entire book is directed to the Mafia Manager as being a man. So there is no such thing as a female leader? No female CEO? I would just leave that for the feminists to argue out.

The Mafia Manager is recommended for the corporate climbers and the leaders or aspiring leaders amongst us.

You can get this on Amazon.


I read ‘The Mafia Manager’ first when I was in my early teens and although I found it interesting, I did not understand half of it.  Now, the knowledge I garnered from it seemed priceless as I can now see the need for the implementation of these principles (some of it) in office politicking.

Great book. Must Read.

I rate it 4 out of 5. You can give it your own rating below.




About the Author

The author simply goes by ‘V’. He is a capo of distinguished fame, keeps several residences around the world. His present location is a guarded secret.

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