Some of us had as part of our goals early this year to read more. For someone like me, I have been trying to keep up with that goal, and I still cannot say that I have followed up with it very well. The thing is, some do not have enough time to pick up a good novel and read for probably an hour or more in a day, without getting bored or even distracted. For the most part of it, busyness has gotten in the way.

We do know reading is a good activity, but despite the fact that we are trying to practice it often, we give up on it too soon and take on more ‘important’ things. It is important that we try as much as we can, and not neglect the act of reading. For those who truly do not have enough time to read, there are several options that could be of help. They do not necessarily replace the act of reading, but they pose as substitutes for it. Here are some of them:

  1. Audio Books

Listening to audio books can help those who do not have time to read as much as they would have loved to. For instance, while doing household chores, one can simply listen to an audio book. There are so many websites and applications through which people can listen to audio books; some are free, while others are paid for. As an example, there is a website called ‘Audible’. Here, you get a free trial to listen to audio books for the first 30 days before you start subscribing. You also get to listen to a free book to start your 30-day trial, afterwards you begin to subscribe monthly at a price. There are, however, other websites that would allow you listen to audio books for free; one of such websites is ‘Project Gutenberg’.

  1. Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is something I like doing. There are many podcasts available on the internet today. We have podcasts that are about books, poetry, and other literary related matters. For instance, we have different podcasts that give book reviews, talk about different books, read excerpts of books, read poems, have authors talk about their books, and so on. So, even if you do not have time to pick up a book and read, you can listen to podcasts on various things of interest. You have the option of listening to literary related podcasts, or even podcasts on book reviews that may even motivate you to purchase the book and read it.

  1. Find the Time

Yes, you still need to find the time to read. On the bus, at the office, while having lunch; there is always going to be a few minutes in even the busiest day, which you could lend to reading a chapter or two.  As the importance of reading cannot be overemphasized, try to schedule out time to read and actually read!


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