“Ordinary or Extra-Ordinary: You Choose” is a miniature book on the importance of choices. Written by the successful entrepreneur- Comfort Eyitayo; the book inspires you to consciously assess the ripple effect your choices and decisions have on your immediate future. This piece comprising 118 pages (half of which are graphical quotes) and 7 concise chapters was properly utilized as the message was passed across efficiently.

Basically, we have the power to decide and make choices based on a number of courses of action. These choices are either right, wrong, or compromises; each with its direct repercussion and multiplier effect. You can choose to sacrifice your comfort for future benefit or follow the path of instant gratification.  We make choices everyday and some of these are as random as your posture, the color of clothes you wear, your habits, friends, and many more. Each of these essentially defines who you are as a person.

The author went further to state what tells apart ordinary people from extraordinary people and the detriment of being an average or routine person. Giving tips on how to be extraordinary, she stated the importance of having a vision, a personal mantra and being with the right people. Thus, bringing us back to the basic point of the book- it is your choice whether to be extraordinary or simply ordinary.

Some of the things she highlighted include:

  • Your 100 Most important choices:

She gave 100 very random choices, as extracted from Dr. Shad Helmstett, which shapes you as a person. They include: Who you spend most of your time with, your posture, your hobbies, how organized you are, how you spend your holidays and 95 others.

  • 30 Qualities that make ordinary people extraordinary

30 profound qualities that set the difference in ordinary and extraordinary people were also provided. Some of which are to:

– Have a definite Aim, Vision & Purpose

– Be flexible

– Master your time

– Cultivate a reading culture

– Admit mistakes

– Self control

  • ‘Can-Do-No-Matter-What’ attitude

The Can-do-no-matter-what attitude is an essential requirement in attaining ones goal. You should not let the deplorable conditions or circumstances that may be around you serve as discouragement or derail you from your principal goal.

The presentation of the book, as said, is highly graphical. Every left page showcases an illustrative and highly informative quote or picture, related to the context of the piece. While this may have been an innovative presentation style, it gave room for pauses and breaches for the reader- as one would be distracted by the quote before moving on. However, the totality of the book provides a fresh perspective to decision making and its simplicity, makes it one for everybody.


It is rare to find books written by entrepreneurs and professionals that are not centered on making money fast or consistently thinking about making money. This book on choices, as I would like to call it, provides a proactive view to attaining success. I find it particularly interesting as she makes use of a simplified language and tone to drive her extraordinary message.

I rate this book a 3.2 out of 5. You can give it your own rating below.

About the Author

source: www.twitter.com
source: www.twitter.com

Comfort Olujumoke Eyitayo is a Chartered Accountant of more than two decades standing. She is an ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria) fellow, a member of its governing council and a Financial and Tax consultant. She also has a MNI title from the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPPS).

Mrs. Eyitayo thrives as a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and has a state of the art event centre in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

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