Poets In Love: An Old Poem To Break the Silence


After sleeping for what seemed like 12 hours, after what seemed like a week from hell, I opened my blog to see that the last post was from October 2019. Talk about a relapse.

Since I’m still not in the right frame of mind to create personal blog articles (No thanks to my suddenly fast-paced life), here’s an old poem I wrote in a public bus about two years ago to shatter the jinx/silence. There is no method to the madness of this poem.

I call it,

“Poets In Love”

Strange things happen
when you fall in love with the voice of a poet
over beer
over smooth talk
over heavy-duty words
and double entendres

You sleep with an image of oceans crossing bridges
and cities in comatose
You wake up with hickies and bite marks
of the unslain vampires from past realities
You drop the limitations of your humanity,
breathe colored air, and believe in exhaustive infinities.

Of two roads divulging in music-filled woods
Of swing dancing to 90s rap
A love story of unsure hands on ready shoulders.

Stranger things happen when two poets fall in love
but don’t fall in love because no matter how good it feels
they know it’s hellish.

When two poets fall in love
Newton’s Apple hangs midair
and parallel tips kiss

When two poets fall in love
13 alphabets are bullets
And the others are Band-Aids

When two poets fall in love
Time freezes and only restarts
After they’ve made weapons out of love letters.



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Lawretta Egba is a professional writer, ghostwriter, editor, and poet. She is the founder of Cyno Group, a boutique content creation/content marketing firm meeting the varying content needs of individuals and businesses towards effective storytelling, problem-solving and economic growth. The company offers in-house ghostwriting, editing, and content writing services for large corporations, businesspeople and economic leaders. Lawretta’s articles have been featured on a plethora of platforms within Nigeria and the diaspora. Some of these include the Premier Pan-African media group reporting on African affairs – Face2Face Africa, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Exquisite Magazine, YNaija, and a host of others. She runs two blogs: lawrettawrites.com, where she reviews books, writes on mythology, peeks into transformational African topics, and analyzes matters of the human psyche; and newcommas.com, a brainchild created towards documenting everyday African stories. For info and inquiries, contact via: lawretta@cynogroup.com


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