First a little disclaimer – This article represents solely the opinion of the author writing it. I am writing it as a human, a moral being, a woman, a Nigerian, an African, a Black, and everything else I could possibly stand for that Donald Trump clearly does not.

Being a Nigerian, Donald Trump’s winning or losing was not in any way within his the scope of my control. However, I am just as affected by it as every other person would because, let us face it, the president of the United States is basically the president of the world. I am, maybe, even more affected by it because of the other coats I wear – particularly female.

I got to know who Donald trump was a few years back when watching a lot of E! Entertainment Television, took a huge percentage of my time. I knew him to be the highly controversial person who made it a point of duty to fight with anyone and everyone who he felt like fighting with, through demeaning and derogatory statements or/and actions. He was the dude that moved around with models and saw women as assets. Not assets in a good way, but as stuff you bought, used as you wanted, and threw away – but that is a story for another day.

Honestly, on hearing that he was contesting for the presidency, it did seem a lot comical. Somehow he kept on going and now he has won. The few people I know that have actually been crazy enough to show support for him, have challenged my apparent disapproval for him as being sentimental and highly emotional. Saying his economic approach is sound and that he is just a douche on a personal level. You know, I should totally understand that – being that I am a financial person as well. However, I watched the entire presidential debates and my opinion did not change one bit. Admittedly, I am a tad bit too biased to actually think otherwise.

Maybe it is because of the heart-gripping speech I watched where Michelle Obama gave to lay out the Trump’s highly indecent behaviour towards women, or it was because I found out that himself and his family members are part of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) white supremacy movement (I call them anti-black bounty hunters), maybe because he has filed for bankruptcy 4 times, or because he supposedly said that he would kick all the Nigerians and Mexicans out of the US if he wins, or because he is a reincarnated version of Adolf Hitler, maybe because of his numerous failed businesses, or that he is undeniably corrupt, and many other evils.

Whatever the case may be, those and many more are the features that the new president of the world – and ultimate role model has; apparently, certain people believe that is just fine. We have a Racist/ Sexist / Narcissist Casino-lord president of the United States who vows to build walls both real and figurative just so we can alienate, isolate, and eliminate one another. Even cooler is the fact that we have a first lady of the United States that used to be a model, and has completely nude pictures of herself scattered all over the internet – again, typical role model for girls all over the world.

I initially explained the triumph of Donald Trump as party resulting from an array of sexist men who could not stand having a woman rule over them, or as a result of the coalition of white people who actually share in the racist and totalitarian views of Donald Trump. Right now, I can only say that the people of the United States have chosen who they want to rule over them.

As the election drew near, you could hear the loud voices of disapproving Africans and particularly patriotic Nigerians, who swore to tear their green cards, avoid the United States, or return to their home countries peradventure he won. At this juncture, I certainly hope that opposition comes with a little bit of good. We could use an ease in dollar demand by Nigerians who would find other means of doing business other than being reliant on the United States, just so the current recession settles down a bit. That said, congratulations to Donald Trump for becoming the president elect despite all odds against him, and a much needed ‘good luck’ to the rest of the world – we are really going to need it.

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  1. The citizens of the USA have shown the world who they really are by voting Trump. That is who and what they want to represent them, rule them and fight for their causes. It is their country and they have chosen. So be it.


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