In the dark of night and despair
Our souls were torches, burning.

In sunken chalets of mud and filth
We found home in laughter.

In droughts that came too often, in famine
We nursed our hunger in silence,
Stitching the holes in our pockets shut.

Then we set forth against fate

Guilty of little fear

To re-write history, we would strive
And work
And fight,
And beg,
And cheat,
And we would not stop

Until the flames in our eyes
From souls set ablaze with hope
Gives us charge of our tomorrow.


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Lawretta Egba is a professional writer, ghostwriter, editor, and poet. She is the founder of Cyno Group, a boutique content creation/content marketing firm meeting the varying content needs of individuals and businesses towards effective storytelling, problem-solving and economic growth. The company offers in-house ghostwriting, editing, and content writing services for large corporations, businesspeople and economic leaders. Lawretta’s articles have been featured on a plethora of platforms within Nigeria and the diaspora. Some of these include the Premier Pan-African media group reporting on African affairs – Face2Face Africa, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Exquisite Magazine, YNaija, and a host of others. She runs two blogs:, where she reviews books, writes on mythology, peeks into transformational African topics, and analyzes matters of the human psyche; and, a brainchild created towards documenting everyday African stories. For info and inquiries, contact via:


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