The name, Albert Einstein, is one that would be familiar to every person in just about every place across the entire world – possibly in space too. Not everybody has their name as an implied synonym to the word “genius”. The story of a man that defied all odds, pushed his minds to the limits, and challenged laid down principles, is one that would forever go down in time. While for the better part, I wonder if there would be another Einstein sometime before the world itself becomes extinct, other times, it is hard to understand why one man attained so much recognition in the same amount of years it takes just about everybody else to just live or attain a little above obscurity – judging by Einstein’s standards, at least. What made him so special?

If you care a little to find out why Einstein is…well, Einstein, then the best you would find is that he created a couple of theories (highly downplayed); thereby aiding in the discovery of other laws and birthing a couple (major downplay) of inventions. He was another human with an idea that worked, yet somehow, his name signifies a major brainer every time. I did a little bit (maybe a lot) of research on the extraordinary genius of Albert Einstein and discovered what my science counterparts probably learnt at least a decade ago. Albert Einstein’s work brought about the idea of the existence of an atom, the infamous mass-energy equation, and the impossibly crazy theory of relativity – one I am still painstakingly trying to wrap my head around because science and I didn’t gel at some point.

He was a regular average student, who struggled to get a job after school, and ended up as a patent clerk. Somehow through looking at the patents submitted by other physicists and scientists, he rekindled his childhood flair for mathematics and started probing till he found something. His discovery of the special theory of relativity did not come by because he grew up with the mind of making a difference and having the world bow to his powerful name. Rather, it happened because he was not afraid to dream, to think a little more, and most especially, to counter the very laws with which he was born into. Centuries ago, Isaac Newton created his own laws of science by filling the missing pieces with his imagination. If you have an affinity with science, you would already get this, if not, well, Isaac Newton is the guy that saw an apple fall and came up with what we call gravity.

He couldn’t quite come up with an answer as to what made the apple, or anything in particular, fall, so he came up with the theory of gravitational pull – just as something to cover up what he didn’t exactly understand. Kind of what accountants do with suspense account – fill it in. What made Einstein so special, was that he wasn’t afraid to discredit the ‘god of science’, the laid down principles, and he allowed his imagination and creativity to get the better of him. He painstakingly took out time to pursue what seemed like a hunch, until he permanently ingrained his name to the concrete of time. It was just as crazy as having a young girl from a small office somewhere in Nigeria, discrediting the laws of nature or just Einstein’s theory. But he did it, and it worked. While people went as far as ‘stealing his brain’ after his death to find out what was extra special about him, the truth is that he was not the best mathematician or scientist of the time. He was just one who didn’t know how to stop.

After trying to figure out what made Einstein tick so, (just so I can be the next Einstein, maybe), I simply learnt that the human mind or brain can go as far as one is willing to stretch it to. He was a regular man, had regular grades, had family issues like regular people, and was ordinary – in the sense of the word. Until he found something worth fighting for and pursued it as far as the universe was going to permit him to. If you want something as badly as possible, deploy all possible efforts towards it, and do not stop until you achieve it, even the forces of gravity and time wouldn’t be able to hold you back. The power of the mind can be utilized for greater good and world domination or it could be left dormant to lie in the dirt. It is up to you to decide how far you want to go with it.

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