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Rhonda Byrne is an Australia born author and movie producer. She is widely known for her books: The Secret, The Power, The Magic, and Hero, as well as The Secret film. The success of her books which were majorly bestsellers amongst other achievements, earned her well deserved recognitions as one of the world’s most influential people in TIME Magazine and FORBES ‘The Celebrity 100’ list.


Rhonda Byrne’s The Power is a sequel to the book “The Secret”, and is highly acclaimed. The Power is a 250-paged well researched book with quotes from literally the greatest folks of all time like William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Jesus, Muhammed and Budha!

Basically, the whole book can be summarized into one phrase “The Law of Attraction”. She talks about how we magnetize positive or negative things to ourselves and how the law of attraction is a mirror that reflects exactly what is in front of it. Gravity, electromagnetism, quantum physics and even the placebo effect in medicine, were used to buttress this point.

Explaining one point in 250 pages, of course, gives room for repetitiveness… a lot of it. However, each segment of our existence, straddling feelings, relationships, health, money, and life in general is analyzed to show how this law of attraction really works. Rhonda says whatever we want already exists and we have the power to attract them to ourselves or push them further away. You know, using the power of love, gratitude, how your thoughts reflect who you are, and the golden rule…same thing we hear often.

source: www.thesecret.tv
source: www.thesecret.tv

However, she makes use of somewhat strange quotes and stories to prove her point:

“There are no accidents or coincidences in life-everything is in synchronicity- because everything has a frequency”?

“The only reason you can’t see another being after they have left their body is that you can’t see the frequency of love”??

Talking about how human emotions can change the structure of water???

You have to agree with me when I say The Power is highly thought-provoking. I definitely recommend the book.

You can get this on Amazon or Jumia.

LW’s comment

Having read quite a number of books on the philosophy of law of Attraction, I believe it works to a large extent. If done the right way, we can watch everything pertaining to us align in perfect synchrony.   Although the law of Attraction sounds like magic, it is far from it. Our idiosyncrasies, as to the usage of the law of attraction, often leave us wishing for snow in the Sahara Desert. Just not happening! No matter how strongly our convictions are held, our core desires and expectations will not just present themselves without sequential actions to back it up.


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