It’s quite ironic that the number one cause of stress and sole reminder of how unfavourable one’s life is, can become a tune to bounce to in the club.

“Work, work, work, work, work, work

He said me have to

Work, work, work, work, work, work!”

Maybe something good can come out of this “Nazareth” called work. I heard you sigh.  Both for those with jobs already and the ones without any, brandishing a certificate with hopes constantly deferred or dashed; work has been made a little less of a friend than it should be. The most inundating question I ever heard in my life came from my graduating class. My course mate asked on the last day of our finals, what we were intended to do after.  It was an OMG moment for me, mostly because I was sure I had no future in the engineering I had studied, and also because I could not imagine vesting so much time in school to acquire knowledge only to arrive at such damning reality of not knowing what to do with it. Classic tale of putting the cart before the horse.

Time is the common currency of trade allotted equally to all men; rich or poor, you only get 24 hours a day. What are you doing with your time in exchange for money? The flawed thinking that work or a job is when you get out of your bed in the morning, go to a physical location in another place and clock in hours, is mostly responsible for the lack of productivity plaguing our society. In today’s world, it is even more irrelevant. Believe me, not everybody in the so called offices are productive. Otherwise folks wouldn’t dread Mondays so much.  What happens is that they spend the most part of their existence working, starting every Monday hoping its Friday already, and cycle becomes more weeks of wasted time, and life, implicitly.

Again I ask; what are you doing with your time that you can exchange for money? If you can dance, how do you convert the time spent dancing to money? You enjoy soccer so much? Think about the amount of time you have expended on EPL matches in the last one year. If by now you can’t find a way to convert that time use into what someone can pay you for, then you don’t deserve a job. In fact, as random as Snapchat seems, totally random girls who might not even possess degrees, have figured out ways to make you pay for spending your time (again) on watching their snaps – snaps they spent their time creating. While you burn time waiting for the next interview or avenue to submit your resume, they thought to fill that gap for you.

Do you know people get paid to make introductions?

Like “Hi John meet Janet”?

Thinking outside the box when you are inside the box is same as trying to see yourself in a picture when you are in the frame. It doesn’t nearly work.

You are the job you have been looking for! The founding principle of this universe is that no one person will be able to survive alone. Your unproductivity is causing somebody to suffer somewhere. Just imagine how miserable some controversial entertainers would be if there was no snapchat or ‘you’ to spend your time and give them relevance. Social media might now appear big and bloated, but they all came from someone’s productivity. Productivity is what gets you rewarded and not the availability of work. Every time you get broke, check your productivity level. It’ll probably be below par. Money naturally flows towards productivity. It is the natural order of things and you cannot upturn it.


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